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What brand of new brand is needed in the menswear market?

What brand of new brand is needed in the menswear market?

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Male consumers are probably the most difficult consumers to touch on the market.

The eve of the Chinese menswear market is erupting. The data shows that the market is expected to maintain a stable annual growth rate of 13.1% by 2020, and the retail scale will reach 979.3 billion yuan. But so far, the men's wear brand with daily necessities and clothing attitudes is still scarce, and the potential new brands do not seem to emerge as expected.

Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has attracted different circle male consumers from 3,000 to 10,000 employees a year, making the “Uniqlo phenomenon” a hot topic in the industry for nearly two years. In a sense, Uniqlo has captured the key psychology of “constrained troubles” among male consumers in making apparel decisions. Unlike most female consumers who tend to make fine decisions, male consumers are often occupied by work life because of their attention. It is difficult to draw a lot of energy to compare the clothing brands, and they are more willing to make efficient decision-making purchases.

In addition, the urban new middle class is often highly associated with “anxiety”. The hypocrisy of consumption in modern society has gradually irritated them, and the universal and rational concept of universal consumption often gives them a sense of practicality. They need a brand that is reliable and quality for their "anxiety", as well as some easy-to-match, multi-scenario items, but not too many styles. Because of the psychological and time-saving needs, male consumers will become loyal consumers after they have identified the brand, which is largely based on consumption inertia rather than conscious active choice.

But on the other hand, they are no longer satisfied with the choice of basic models, and the pursuit of individualization by the new middle class cannot be ignored. They are even very picky about the costumes. With the arrival of consumption upgrades, many new middle-class male consumers also hope that through the expression of clothing values ​​and identity, the choice of mass-marketing fast fashion brands is actually a lot of people's helpless.

Shen Shuobo, founder of the attack wave finance, pointed out that many people think that women are more willing or more adept at spending money than men, which is a misperception caused by gender stereotypes. According to a research report published by the Boston Consulting Group, the types and quotas of Chinese men’s consumption are rising rapidly. Especially in the field of mobile payment and online consumption, the annual expenditure of male consumers is higher than that of females, which has reached 10025 yuan. According to iResearch data, high-income men are already 1.7 times more women. After the income has increased, more and more men are beginning to pursue social experiences, external images, and personal satisfaction.

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