How to match a solid color T-shirt



T-shirts are the king of summer matching, and choosing a simple and fresh solid color T-shirt in the sultry summer can best break the dullness and bring out the freshness. Today, the editor of Aimei Women's Network brings several spring T-shirts full of freshness matching, so that the pure feeling continues to burn your freshness!

Fresh match one: solid color T-shirt + white shirt + ripped jeans

The eye-catching red solid color T-shirt is paired with a fresh white sleeveless lapel T-shirt, which is simple with a small freshness, and the lower body is worn with loose ripped jeans, such a combination is casual, simple, fresh and one, Sen women's favorite!

Fresh matching two: green solid color T-shirt + white slacks

The simple shape of the pure green loose T-shirt with white casual pants immediately shows a small fresh feeling, and the summer outfit is even cooler, throwing off the summer sweltering season.

Fresh matching three: green solid color T-shirt + black long skirt

European and American style solid color T-shirt matching method, pure blue T-shirt with black long bag skirt, a pair of dynamic canvas shoes to show an alternative fashion temperament.

Fresh match four: blue solid color T-shirt + black harem pants

Suitable for OL T-shirt dressing in the workplace, pure blue T-shirt with black Harlan pants, showing the most fashionable side, a touch of fresh feeling, let you be a fashion woman in the office