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Ningbo Nanhui Textile Co., Ltd.

Formerly known as Nansheng Garment Co., Ltd., was founded in 1992. It is a large-scale clothing company dedicated to the design, production, international trade and high-grade knitted fabrics of high-end knitwear...

  • The company occupies more than 30 acres

  • Building area is more than 30,000 square meters

  • Export sales of about 20 million US dollars


Hooded Shirt

Zipper Shirt

Round Neck Shirt


What brand of new brand is needed in the menswear market?
The eve of the Chinese menswear market is erupting. The data shows that the market is expected to maintain a stable annual growth rate of 13.1% by 2020
The head enterprises in the clothing sub-sectors will increase their investment in the main industry.
Younger, Haishu House, Anta Sports, Luolai Life and Pathfinder are all “head-type” clothing companies in various sub-sectors.
Inventory 2018 performance: the competition in the women's wear industry is becoming more intense
From the performance of women's listed companies in 2018, the gap between women's listed companies is gradually narrowing
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