How to match a horizontal striped T-shirt



Stripes are a constant trend element and are also sought after by trendists throughout the year, so how should striped T-shirts be worn in the spring of the year? Come and take a look with the editor of Aimei Women's Network!

Spring pairing one: pink and white striped T-shirt + floral shorts + white bag

The pink and white colliding colors are full of spring atmosphere, the lace lapels are very cute, and with floral shorts and white bags, it is simple and stylish, brighter than the spring sun.

Spring match two: striped T-shirt + chiffon long skirt

The striped T-shirt and romantic chiffon long skirt and elegant flowing skirt show the feminine femininity and make you a romantic landscape on the street.

Spring with three: striped T-shirt + skirt

Striped T-shirts paired with floral romantic skirts, stylish prints show romantic girly feelings, and bright yellow coats are even more eye-catching.

Spring with four: striped T-shirt + denim shorts

Small V-neck striped T-shirt, slim and thin. The leather skirt with a hip design is handsome and stylish, and the zipper decoration is more tough and neat, with a loose knitwear, it has a super spring feeling, European and American style street style.